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ATLANTIS Chartres, Evora

BAY, The (also please see specific manufacturers) Cross & Olive CP-0067A, Cross & Olive CP-0067B, Cross & Olive CP-0215, Elegance, Erin, Heritage, Pinwheel CP-0222, Prince Charles, Windsor
BELKRAFT Canterbury, Midnight Lace, Moonglo, Venus Unknown Belkraft CP-1123
BEREG Pinwheel
BIRKS CRYSTAL STEMWARE (also carried Val St. Lambert etc) Birks Gallery of some of the following Birks patterns:
Balmoral, Block Diamond aka Duchess, Cascade, Cascade Birks Gallery of glass sizes, Gallia, Georgian, Granada, Laurentian, Laurentian pattern, Opera, Princess Margaret Rose, Regency shape, Regency pattern, Richmond, Richmond pattern, Rose, Tyrone, Victoria, Unknown CP-0802

BJORKSHULT Unk Golden CP-0792
BODA Karin
BOHEMIA and BELFOR Bohemia Gallery of some of the following Bohemia patterns:
71851 Pinwheel, Claudia, Daniela, Diana, Exquisite, Exquisite Shapes, (Tip: Click on the image to expand it. Where there are two sizes on an item, the first is the original size available.) Firenza, Flair, Gina, Laura Pinwheel, Lisbet, Pinwheel, Rose, Saga Pinwheel, Savanna, Suzanne, Thistle, Victoria Pinwheel

CLAPPERTON Block Diamond aka Duchess, Liege, Nelson, Norfolk Cross and Olive, Sussex, Windsor Pattern
CRISTAL D' ARQUES Ancenis, Bretagne, Granville, Longchamp, Louvre, Pompadour, Rambouillet, St. Germaine, Tuilleries

DA VINCI by RCR (also see RCR) Arezzo, Carrara, Cecelia, Cetona, Cortona, Fili, Firenze, Ginevra, Giotto, Grosetto, Leda, Livorno, Lucca, Medici, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato, Sabina, Siena, Tivoli, Trevi, Volterra
DENBY Aurora Blue, Aurora Dawn, Aurora Rose, Energy Zest

EATONS (also please see specific manufacturers) Buttercup, Cross and Olive CP-0416, Empire Gold, King Richard, Kipling, Laura Pinwheel, Pinwheel CP-0123, Tiffany
EDINBURGH and E&L Cross and Olive, Kipling, Nelson, Star of Edinburgh, Windsor
EISCH Cinderella, Medea, Superior Sensis Plus

FINE ARTS Opera, Romance of the Stars, Royal Diamond
FIRST LOVE CRYSTAL Etched Roses, Platinum Trim First Love Crystal
FOSTORIA Georgian, Romance

GALWAY Castlerosse, Erin, Old Galway
GLENDALE (see Phillips) Inverness aka Thistle aka Wheat
GLUCKSTEINHOME Bryce, Celeste, Ellis, Drake, Harmony, Hermitage, Manor, Owen, Platinum Rim, Sophia, Vintner, Wessex, Unknown CP-1050

HEREND CRYSTAL Morning Glory, Victoria, Windsor
HOLMEGAARD Atlantic, Elsinore Smoke, Scanada Smoke
HUGHES W. J. Cornflower Line 73 Cornflower Line 196

IITTALA Arkipelago, Aslak, Fenix, Festivo, Gaissa, Kekkerit, Maaru, Nappi, Niva, Romantica, Senator, Tapio, Ultima Thule with feet, Ultima Thule with stem, Vellamo
IMPERLUX, IMPERIAL and QUALITY Pinwheel CP-1066, Rose CP-1002, Rose CP-1004
INN Montecito

J.G.DURAND Agena, Clarisse, Corolle, Farandole, Florence, Olivia, Pistil, Ventoux

KOSTA BODA Chateau, Grape, Line Black, Line Blue, Line Gold, Louise, Party, Pippi, Spartan, Tulip

LENOX Encore Gold
LOTUS FLOWER Pinwheel Lotus Flower, Lotus Flower Unknown 1

MADE IN ENGLAND Cross and Olive
MIKASA Agena, Blossom Annisette, Bountiful (Cherries), Briarcliffe, Cameo, Classic Flair Frost, Elegance Azure, Elegance Black aka Midnight, Elegance Rose, Elite Black, Fiore, French Countryside Clear, Icicles, Jamestown Gold, Marquis, Nicole, Park Lane, Park Lane Gold, Sea Mist Amethyst, Sonata Gold, Sonnet, Stephanie, The Ritz, Versailles

NACHTMANN Achat, Fleurie, Kir Royale, Saphire, Topas, Yvonne, CP-0211
NORITAKE Gold & Platinum, Golden Tribute, Moondust, Royal Pierpont Grey, Rothschild, Troy

ORREFORS Fantasy, Illusion, Intermezzo Black, Radiance, Rhapsody Smoke, Susan

PEILL Atlantis, Cora Clear, Cora Smoke, Iris
PHILLIPS CUT GLASS COMPANY (also please see Birks, Glendale, Val St. Lambert, etc.)
Some of the Phillips pattern names and pictures are tentative:
Buckingham, Carleton, Essex, Inverness, Kent/Dorset, Kent/Dorset pattern, Lucerne, Peerless, Thistle, Wheat, Unknown CP-0133, Unknown CP-0813
PINWHEEL PATTERNS: Pinwheel Styles Gallery of some Pinwheel Styles

RCR - ROYAL CRYSTAL ROCK (also see DaVinci) Gardenia, Helen, Puccini, Toscana
REED'S CHINA (also carried Bohemia, Val St Lambert, Webb Corbett etc) Capri
RICHARDSON Cross and Olive, CP-0663
RIEDEL Bruxelles, Exquisit, Ouverture Series, Pentagon, Sommelier Series, Vinum Series
ROSE PATTERNS Princess Margaret Rose, Rose by Bohemia, Rose CP-1002 by Imperlux, Rose CP-1004 by Imperlux
ROSENTHAL Rosenthal Gallery of some of the following Rosenthal patterns:
Bacchus, Berlin, Century, Clairon, Clairon Amber, Composition "G", Connoisseur, Duo Spring, Duo Squares, Elegance, Fortuna, Fuga, Gloriana, Hold Fast, Hollow stem, Linear Cobalt, Linear Smoke, Lotus Blossoms, Lotus Clear, Lotus Cut, Maitre, Maria, Monbijou Clear, Monbijou Spray, Ophelia, Papyrus, Peak, Plus, Rhine Wine, Romance II, Romance Motif, Samara, Seal Tumblers, Spearhead Bar Series, Spearhead Stemware Wedgecut, Spiral, Split, Structure, Trillium Clear (aka Iris Clear), Trillium Frost (aka Iris Frost), Tulip Clear, Tulip Rays, Variation Clear, Zodiac Tumblers

ROYAL ALBERT Lyric, Minuet, Old Country Roses (etched) Rhapsody, Serenade
ROYAL BRIERLEY Ascot (Cross & Olive), Coventry, Cross & Olive CP-0553, Dominion, Regent Cross and Olive
ROYAL DOULTON Royal Doulton Crystal Gallery of some of the following Royal Doulton patterns:
Arden, Ascot, Belvedere, Carlyle, Clarendon, Concord, Diana, Georgian, Joie (unconfirmed) Julia, Juno shape, Juno pattern, Queens Park, Sommelier, Sonnet, Windsor

ROYAL LEERDAM Juliana, Rondo/Splendid, Unk CP-0283

SCHOTT ZWIESEL - INCLUDES CHRISTINENHUTTE Schott Zwiesel Gallery of some of the following Schott Zwiesel patterns:
Allegro, Arabesque aka Gala, Avenue, Ballet, Bonheur, Cabaret, Can Can, Candella, Carousel, Celebration, Classic, Conte Green, Desiree, Diana, Doreen, Duett, Flamenco, Gala (see Arabesque), Gardone, La Belle, La Dame, La Fleur, La Rose, Old Country Roses, Pamela, Pas de Deux, Pirouette, Premier, President, Prestige, Revue, Serenata, Silver Jubilee, Starlyte Gold, Tango, Tarantella, Volterra, Unk candleholder CP-0965

SEARS (also please see specific manufacturers) Belvedere, Country Rose, Country Rose Gallery of glass sizes, Sears Cross and Olive Gallery of glass sizes c1970-1995, Dawn, Sears Pinwheel Gallery of glass sizes c1970-1995, Unknown att to Sears CP-1085
STUART Stuart Crystal Gallery of some of the following Stuart patterns:
Abbey, Amherst, Aragon, Ashford, Aviemore, Beaconsfield, Cambridge, Camelot, Cardinal, Carlingford, Cascade, Claridge, Clifton Park, Concerto, Connaught, Contessa, Dartmouth, Dunoon, Ellesmere, Empire, Geneva, Glencoe, Glencoe Tall, Glendevon, Glengarry/Cambridge, Gloucester, Hampshire, Hardwicke, Harlech, Juliet, Inspiration, Iona, Kent, Lichfield, Ludlow, Lyric, Madison, Manhattan, Marlborough, Mayfair, Minuet, Monaco, Montrose, Newport, Park Lane, Regent, Rhapsody, St. James, Salisbury, Savoy, Senator, Shaftesbury, Shell Sonata, Symphony, Valencia, Westbury, Weston Court, Windermere
SWEDISH Astrid Smoke, Charmont Steel

THOMAS Bacchus, Tivoli
TOWLE King Richard, Montecito
TIFFIN Huntington

VAL ST. LAMBERT (also please see Birks) Balmoral, Blarney, Dumortier aka Queen Anne?, Gardenia/Galatee, Gevaert, Granada, Hafnia, Lalaing TCPL, Liege, Nestor, Tiara, Tiara Green Unknown CP-1047

WALDONIA Ruby Spiral
WATERFORD Alana, Araglin, Ashling, Colleen, Donegal, Glandore, Kathleen, Kenmare, Kildare, Lismore, Maureen, Sheila, Vintage
WEBB, THOMAS Kingswinford Cross and Olive
WEBB-CORBETT Avon, Beverly, Canterbury, Downing, Elegance, Georgian, Hostess, Inverness, Julia, Juno - see Juno Royal Doulton, Margaret Rose aka Princess Margaret Rose, Marquis, Prince Charles, Sherwood
WEDGWOOD Ashford, Calendore, Coronet, Crown Ruby, Dynasty, Majesty, Monarch, Olivia, Royal Gold, Sovereign, Tartan, Tiara, With Love
WINDSOR May also be known as Cross, Diamond or X cut Windsor pattern goblets
WITTWER Hunt Scene
WOODWARDS (also please see specific manufacturers) Sylvia Pinwheel

ANTIQUE OR VINTAGE Marguerite (unconfirmed), Thistle, Nbr CP-0117, Nbr CP-0984

UNIDENTIFIED Unk flat panel CP-0284, Unk side plate CP-0456, Unk black swirl CP-0518, Unk plain thick stem CP-0607, Unk heavy stem CP-0706, Unk flat panel CP-0908, Unk hex stem CP-0945, Unk frosted with bubble stem CP-0948, Unk CP-1007 Unk gold swirl P-1009

NORITAKE Golden Lily
ROYAL ALBERT Jubilee Rose, Prairie Rose
THOMAS Trio White

ONEIDA Golden Belle Rose

MAGNOR Magnor Norway Crystal


Bobeches, Chains, Pendalogues, French Pendalogues, Spears

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